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What’s a pre-campaign?

Many of you are asking: what’s this pre-campaign thing? is this already a crowdfunding? are you going to offer more rewards? What are you doing this for?

It’s normal that some questions arise. Specially about a process that is well known among the crowdfunding community but maybe not so popular in Spain. As we want to keep you all posted, here is some information to answer these questions.

A pre-campaign is a way of announcing a forthcoming crowdfunding campaign. Its aim is keeping the community informed, so that the news doesn’t take them aback. All the relevant information about what is to come is resumed in a web page. In our case, this link is We encourage people who might be interested to let us their email there. You will see, for example, three of the awards we will be offering, but there will be more. We are already announcing them in social media, so stay tuned!

We will launch our crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday 18th of April. We will email all subscribed people and provide them with a link to the crowdfunding platform we will use. Some rewards are limited, so it’s important to catch them soon! That way we hope to concentrate the attention of our community and get a higher number of contributions, so that we reach the funding aim sooner and the project can be a reality.

Just in case you are worried of receiving spam: We won’t be annoying, I promise! We will inform occasionally about the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign and the funding goals we reach. Also, you can also follow the news we post on the campaign blog.

Versogramas documentary aims at bringing videopoetry closer to a wide audience, not only the videopoets community. We want to share our passion for videopoetry with all the world. That’s why we need your collaboration. Please, share with your friends, contribute to the extent posible when we launch the crowdfunding campaign, and spread the word! Let videopoetry reach all corners of the internet!