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Verses&Frames in Cosmopoética

Verses&Frames documentary keeps travelling through poetry and cinema festivals! Next screening will be at Festival Internacional de Poesía Cosmopoética. Poetas del Mundo en Córdoba.

Cosmopoética devotes this 15th edition to Italy and passions. It will display a wide range of well acknowledged poets, representatives of the most important generations of the last century in Spain and Italy. The festival will organize a varied programme with the aim of bringing poetry closer to a diverse audience, through a mix of activities which blend poetry with other disciplines, such as music and, in our case, cinema.

The director of Verses&Frames, Belén Montero, will participate in the section “Primer plano con…”, on Wednesday October 3rd at 17h in Casa Góngora. She will offer a masterclass about the documentary creative process, the making of the script, the selection of videopoets and the editing process. Selected scenes of the documentary will accompany her talk. It’s a free activity, and it will be a fantastic oportunity to get to know Belén and the details of Verses&Frames documentay.

We invite you to take a walk under Cosmopoética’s umbrella with Verses&Frames!