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Verses&Frames at Poemaria

Verses&Frames travels to Vigo! The documentary will be screened June 29th at 23.30pm at Praza do Abanico (Casco Vello-Alto), presented by Celia Parra. It will be the opening of PoemaRia.

PoemaRia Vigo  – International Poetry Festival from Vigo, started on June 2016 with the intention of paying special attention to Women in Poetry: giving voice to local and international poets in the city. Organized by Patricia Sánchez and Keith Payne, the festival aims to give Vigo a remarkable place in the cultural map of Europe, next to other literary cities such as Dublin, Edimburgh, Barcelona, Reykjavik, Krakow or Prague (some of the cities they have associated with).

This will be an open air screening, you will be able to grab a beer or something to eat while the film runs, and enjoy videopoetry during a summer night. See you there!