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Verses&Frames at La Cabina

¡Verses&Frames travells to Valencia!

The XI edition of La Cabina – Festival Internacional de Mediometrajes de València (14th to 24th November, 2018) will hold a paralell session devoted to videopoetry, a genre which has increased its popularity through the two last decades. This festival has well defined values: “originality, exclusivity, innovation, culture, cinematic quality, passion for new trends and technologies, internationality and design”. That’s why we are so proud to share with you today, that Verses&Frames will be part of the program!

Verses&Frames will be screened on Friday November 16th at 19pm in Sala Matilde Salvador (Centre Cultural La Nau, Universitat de València), presented by the director, Belén Montero.

After the screening, poet David Trashumante will moderate a round table formed by Belén Montero herself and the specialist in videopoetry Clara López Cantos. The event will end with a videorecital by Miriam Reyes, also one of the protagonists of the documentary Verses&Frames.