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Velaquí o texto – Miriam Rodríguez

Velaquí o texto is a videopoem made by Miriam Rodríguez, Pablo Kaufmann and Xabier X. Xardón.

Miriam Rodríguez (director, camera operator and editor) and Pablo Kaufmann (DoP and camera operator) are regular collaborators to videoclip and videoart productions. Poet Xabier X. Xardón usually contributes with his voice and texts in their productions.

Velaquí o texto shows an outstanding visual aspect based on textures, overlayed images, the plasticity of objects and colour. It explores the beauty of books and the written page. It even seems possible to feel the touch of papers. Nature is also present framing the whole piece. The text explores the fact of writing and reading, understanding writing as a habitable place and paper as a living being. Worthy of mention is the special tribute to Rosalía de Castro (1837-1885), a fundamental poet in Galician and universal literature.