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Sunny Side of the Doc feedback

After some intense working days at Sunny Side of the Doc (La Rochelle, France), we are back. This is our feedback.

sunny side doc feedback
Juan Lesta at stand Docs From Spain

There were days of meetings, debates, pitchings, drinks, meetings, screenings, presentations, and more meetings. It was really interesting to check the current trends in the film market, and see the good health of documentary production internationally. To sum up, we discovered ambitious projects, with a high technical and artistic quality, most of them international coproductions.

sunny side doc feedback
Versogramas flyers

Specially remarkable, the huge support that national and international televisions offer to documentary: more than one slot for documentaries with different length and themes, specialized departments, current coproduction and acquisition of content, even an active search of projects. Those are signals of how special care documentaries are treated with. And, of course, that contributes to the creation of an audience that consumes and demands documentaries, which as a result, justifies its viability.

We come back with a huge amount of information to process, a lot to learn, and many interesting contacts to keep in touch with. We hope we can tell you news soon!