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Premiere of Versogramas at Festival de Cans

The premiere of Versogramas in Galician festivals will be at Festival de Cans, Wednesday May 23rd at 17h.


Part of the long features section, the screening of Versogramas adds up to a list of films driven by new filmmakers. This is what they say about us:

“This section is completed by Versogramas, premiere at Galician festivals. From an original idea by millenial Celia Parra, renowned filmmakers Belén Montero and Juan Lesta build the first approach to videopoetry in a documentary, made from a Galician perspective”.

We are really happy to present Versogramas at Festival de Cans!

So, let’s met on  Wednesday May 23rd at 17h in Baixo de Bugarín.
Just afterwards (at 19h) there’s the final of “Ollo de vidro”, a contest of booktrailers and booktubers. So, it seems like a cool cinephile-literary-millenial plan for you!