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Todas as mulleres que fun – As Candongas do Quirombo

We begin new year’s season with a beautiful videopoem by Galician group “As candongas do Quirombo”, formed by poet Andrea Nunes and filmmaker Raquel Rei: “Todas as mulleres que fun” (All women I have been).

This is an heterogeneous videopoem, with an agile rhythm, which mixes diverse techniques and materials: animation, arquive images, on-screen text, photography, loop aesthetics… As in many texts by Andrea Nunes, the presence of body almost as a poetic subject is more than palpable. It speaks about a feeling of love that crosses borders and that is scoured by history. A multilingual, ubiquitous, fighter, free love. “Todas as mulleres que fun” doesn’t only speak about affection between people, but reveals a love for the sound of language and the richness of Galician lexic. Society, love, and language can be highlighted as the three main thematic concerns of the videopoem.

The sound treatment of recitation is specially suggesting: a poem unfolds in two voices (Andrea Nunes’ and Carol Bret’s) constantly chasing each other. The music holds perfectly the flow of voices and images, giving rhythm as a whole.