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Madame, has olvidado tu hogar – Cristina Ferreiro

Today we talk about ‘Madame, has olvidado tu hogar’ by Galician poet and filmmaker Cristina Ferreiro.

One of the most remarkable facts about Cristina’s poetic work are its constant references to film, maybe an influence of her background and current work in the field. Cristina works fluently with photography, videoclip and booktrailer. She has been awarded at both poetry and videoart prizes.

The videopoem “Madame, has olvidado tu hogar” displays an interesting interplay of textures and superimposed images. Layers, gestures, repetition and colours complement the metaphors of the text and create a fluent rhythm. Through the poem, written and recited by herself, we grasp desire, language, death and memory. The result is a sensual, intense mix.