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Happy World Poetry Day!

Today is a special day for Versogramas. Today, one of our passions is being celebrated around the globe. Poetry is the voice of emotion, the intimate language of things, that ‘click’ that happens in our eyes when we listen to the underground music of the world. We believe that poetry is inside all of us, that we all can appreciate it, and that it isn’t something to be afraid of. As Fran Alonso says, ‘poetry doesn’t bite!”.

One of the main objectives that moved us to create Versogramas was promoting poetry and bringing it closer to the public. Contributing to release poetry from that cliche of a boring, incomprehensible, hard and dull genre. We want to show that poetry is accesible to everyone, that it can entertain and thrill, make us laugh and cry, and above all, surprise. Poetry lives not only in books but also in orality, photography, or video. We chose video for its ability to astonish us.

We would be happy if you, usual reader, celebrate this day with us. And if you, always suspicious about poetry, discover some poem that makes that “click” happen. That’s why we encourage you to share with us your favourite poems, verses or videopoems, either in the comments to this entry or via our social networks. You can use the hashtag #WorldpoetrydayVG. Happy world poetry day!