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Everything makes love with the silence – Hernán Talavera

Hernán Talavera is a visual artist and videoartist deeply related to poetic expression, which he uses to complement most of his works. In “Todo hace el amor con el silencio” (Everything makes love with the silence) he creates a suggesting videopoem from texts by fantastic Argentinian poet Alejandra Pizarnik.

Lost childhood, night, memory and death cross the atmosphere of Alejandra Pizarnik’s poems. They present memory as the warmest shelter for childhood, now dead, but only alive there. A sad survival, bathed on ashes and exile, but also on love.

When translating this concepts into video, Hernán Talavera chose the use of old film, which reminds to the first filmings during the “childhood” of film. This might be a metalinguistic exercise: speaking about the memory of film genre from the film genre itself. As subjects, carefree and smiling girls swimming, playing, smiling. Black and white, grain and imperfections, silent image and noise of the projector make up the texture of this videopoem, which Hernán completes with a subtle sound ambience. A clever combination where all elements fulfill its role as complement of the text and achieve a delicate, intimate and intriguing piece.