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An early trial – Víctor M Mozo & DSK

Today the videopoem of the week is special. After its journey through festivals, today we are happy to present the online premiere of “An early trial”, a documentary-videopoem directed by DSK(Belén Montero and Juan Lesta) about the poet Víctor M Mozo.

“An early trial” was screened at Mostra de Cinema Periférico S8 (A Coruña, 2015) and was finalist for best experimental film at CREA awards (Proffesional Association of Directors from Galicia, Santiago de Compostela 2016). It had its international premiere at ACRE TV (Illinois, Chicago 2016), a TV channel exclusively devoted to video art, created thanks to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

A man, a place, one decision, the story. One poet and his poetry. A Víctor M Mozo autobiography’s reflection coded as a videopoetry, through the four seasons. The film shows flora and fauna of lands linked with his family and his past.” 

So starts the introduction to this early trial shot by Juan Lesta and Belén Montero. The sensitivity of both directors, along with the music of David Rivas Domínguez, plunge us in a dance of sensations, where reflections about time, image, writing, memory, dreams, landscape and childhood flow in sync with the poems of Víctor M Mozo. The poet appears on stage embodying the effect that his own words cause into him, reciting and pondering over his texts. The carefully designed aesthetics of images and the inspiring soundtrack give the poem a delicate and sensorial atmosphere.

This isn’t Belén Montero and Juan Lesta’s first incursion into videopoetry. Together they have created videopoems for other poets, commissions for museums and collaborative projects. Their last works on videopoetry can be seen here. They are currently in charge of Versogramas, what will be the world’s first documentary on the international videopoetry scene.

direction: DSK (Belén Montero & Juan Lesta)
original script / poetry: Víctor M Mozo // adaptation and production: Belén Montero // image: Juan Lesta // postproduction, animation: Juan Lesta // original music: David Rivas Domínguez // sound postproduction: Son do Tagalem // a production by: Víctor M Mozo / Esferobite © 2015 // //