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Day 1 – We’re shooting!

Day one of shooting is over. Versogramas, the first documentary on the international videopoetry scene has already started shooting.

We interviewed Kònic, Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann, artists specialized in interactive creations where word, image and sound play a key role .

From Belgium came Marc Neys, such a referent in the international videopoetry scene, with almost 300 videopoems created an a huge passion for his work. He collaborates with plenty of videopoets, teaches videopoetry workshops, he’s a jury at some festivals and has received lots of prizes himself.

día 1 swoon rodaxe versogramas shooting

Hernán Talavera came from Albacete with handful of references and reflections upon his creative process when elaborating a videopoem. He has a long and award-winning experience in the genre, which he faces from a painter point of view.

día 1 talavera versogramas rodando shooting

The last interviewd of the day was Eugeni Bonet, the father of Spanish videoart, a living piece of history. He explained us how he works with poetry in his pieces.

día 1 bonet versogramas rodando shooting

There are still more shooting days ahead, and we still need all your support. As you know, we still have to secure some funding!

We need your collaboration to reach the goal of the campaign. We will use the money to cover shooting expenses, translation, subtitles, copies, color grading and copies. To help us:

– Make your pledge at

– Share the link with your contacts

– If you have friends working at the press, tell them about Versogramas. If you have friends working at cultural centers or libraries, tell them about Versogramas. If you have friends working in the educational field, tell them about Versogramas. If you have friends working on TV, tell them about Versogramas.

We need to spread the word so that Versogramas reaches your screens!