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CuerpoSMS – Kònic Thtr.

Kònic Thtr is a duet formed by Rosa Sánchez and Alain Baumann, Galician and Italian couple living in Barcelona. They are multimedia artists and pioneers in the use of interactive technology in their discourses. Two decades investigating, creating, teaching and publicating endorse their international career.

Videopoems CuerpoSMS (SMSBody) are part of the namesake series with which Kònic reflects on how the new technological gadgets shape and redefine our interpersonal communication. These two self-portraits explore how they would picture themselves through that redefinition, and show the breakdown of their personality through emotions and particles. They use different languages and they edit them also separately: video, 3D image, voice treated with sensors, a sound atmosphere recorded during a live performance and manipulated afterwards…

We could interview Kònic during the research process for our documentary, and that’s what Rosa told us about CuerpoSMS: “In my performance I work with the strange sensation of the action that produces the distortion of my portrait. The flow of information has to be with water, with tears, like emotions that rise and I don’t want to avoid neither explain, and that’s why they appear as aqueous distortions. For me, the concept of the distortion of this new way of communicating is like an aqueous flow”.