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Asco – Miriam Reyes

This week we are introducing “Asco” (disgust), from Miriam Reyes. This poem belongs to her book “Bella durmiente”, published in 2004 by Hiperión Ediciones.

This is a heartrending videopoem. Its delicate sensorial atmosphere certainly arises tension and anxiety. The text speaks of the sudden loss of inocence due to an early sexual iniciation, linked to an upleasant experience which seems difficult to overcome. All lovers inspire a sense of helplesness and disgust since then. The imagery drives us to the field of metaphors: the naked, broken body of a doll, her dress, refer to a broken, drown inocence. The liquid element is really present: a viscous and filthy liquid inspiring nausea perfectly represents revulsion; blood flows in the dirt as a clear metaphor of the traumatic sexual experience (or maybe even rape) the poem describes; music flows in a minimalist, disturbing continuum. The videopoem refers to the stagnation in the pain caused by a traumatic experience but ends with a glimpse of hope: the healing process helps to close the wound and flush everything that troubles us down the drain. Disgust.

With this videopoem we want to join the cause of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established on the 25th November. Either from words, actions or education, it’s necessary to work from every field to end with this scourge. Not only today, but every day of the year.