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AGOC – Ester Xargay

Ester Xargay’s AGOC conjugates the plasticity of text in movement with music.

AGOC is a videopoem rooted in concrete poetry and visual poetry, with referential creators such as E.M. de Melo e Castro or Joan Brossa.  It fits the cathegory of visual text, as described by Tom Konyves in his Videopoetry Manifesto. ,

Ester Xargay Melero is a poet, vídeo artist and cultural manager. She also writes novel, essay, acts as a translator and performance. With some poetry collections published, she collaborates with newspapers and magazines. She currently writes about the expansion of art: interdisciplinary nature, attitudes, procedures and genre fusion.

Language, the writing of  AGOC (a book by Carles Hac Mor) is for Mestres Quadreny a source of inspiration. The audiovisual result, that is, the film and sound mise en scene of the text, immerses us in the textual universe of Hac Mor, and the sound and visual universe of Quadreny, winking at their particular scores.