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Docs Barcelona 2015

We are back at Docs Barcelona.

VERSOGRAMAS was selected to participate in the present’s edition Development Workshop. Taught by Joan González, director of the festival, the workshop gathered representatives of twelve projects coming from different countries (Colombia, Chile, Uruguai, Brasil, Spain, Sweden) and half a dozen observers. Such a big opportunity to work and share experiences.

Picture: DocsBarcelona

Within InterDocs (the section devoted to interactive projects)  Juan Lesta presented Stereotypecelona, the final version of the webdoc’s prototype that made his team winner of the  Popathon 2014. Beta version was thought, scripted, produced and programmed in 48 horas. Laia Ros, María Llobet, Hermes Carretero and Juan teamed up to achieve this goal.

Presenting Stereotypecelona

After the premiere with Falciani’s List past wednesday, there are still two days ahead of projections, debates, networking and the very best of the international documentary scene to be enjoyed at Docs Barcelona Festival. We are proud to have been part of it.

Joan González na inauguración do DocsBarcelona
Joan González at the premiere of DocsBarcelona